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Gator Pro Grey Water Unit

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 Gator Pro Grey Water Unit

The Grey Water Gator Pro is the most advanced & effective Grey Water Unit on the market today.

Watermark Approval No WM-022111


If you want to re-use your waste grey water to keep your garden flourishing, the Grey Water Gator Pro is the ideal Grey Water System for you!  Use the grey water from your laundry, shower and bathrooms to water your garden.  With the unique 3 dimensional Filter technology, the Gator Pro diverter is designed ready to use with drip irrigation tube, to enable fully automatic trouble free watering.                  

  • Automatically delivers water to your garden every time you shower or wash your clothes
  • Low maintenance
  • Only clean the filters every six to twelve months
  • Suitable for multiple applications including under-turf
  • Commercial Grade pit; 705 L x 460 W x 640 D
  • Suits 50mm DWV pipe & 65mm on request
  • Comes Tested and Pre assembled; ready to install
  • High head 130 kpa and up to 60°C
  • Flow rate max 200 Litres/min with 60 Litres/minute at 10 Metres
  • Power consumption 550 watts / 3.3amps
  • Holding capacity 60-70 Litres
  • Approved in N.S.W, Victoria, S.A, N.T, W.A and Qld
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia. Built tough for Australian conditions
  • Above or Below Ground
  • Take the load off your Septic System and install a Grey Water unit
  • Easy to retro-fit to laundry
  • Our professional Grey Water unit is supplied fully tested & assembled ready to be installed by your Licensed Plumber.
  • Add a Drip Kit to get you started on your irrigation system.

watermark wm-022111

Check your local plumbing codes as regulations may dictate how many fixtures you can connect to the unit.

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