Troubleshooting Your Gator

The Gator Pro and Maxi 100 are built as modular units and both use the same pump and Control Panel.

The older imported versions of the Gator Pro still operate in a similar way to the latest models, the difference being the older style control panel and the pump.

Here are some tips if you are having trouble with your Gator:

● Pump won't start - no run lights

First turn the power off and back on. This resets the controller, and the pump should run for a short period if the controller is ok.  (This is the new controller with the red & green run lights)

• If the pump doesn't start then the panel is likely to be damaged, so replace the panel.

• If the pump starts and doesn't switch off then it's still likely to be a damaged control panel,  so the panel needs replacing.

• If the run lights come on and the pump doesn't start then your pump may have failed.  Pump failures are usually caused by lack of maintenance.  This can mean that the white control floats can get stuck.  If they don't move as they should, the pump can stay on and boil the water, eventually leading to a destroyed pump.

● Pump won't start - run lights are on

This is usually due to a failed float switch. If one switch fails then the panel doesn't signal to start or stop.  It is always good practice to replace both switches as they are not expensive.

● Pump is humming, not pumping

This indicates a blown capacitor in the pump.  The capacitor is what kick-starts the pump to get it going.  These are internal and aren't easily replaceable, so a new pump is the answer.

Capacitors fail usually due to poor electrical supply or brown-out, such as in an electrical storm.  This is not a warranty fault.

● Pump is pumping slow

One or two things can be happening here:

• One is that the irrigation system is blocked or undersized from new.  It is always good practice to flush the irrigation at the start of the season.

• Secondly the pump could be air locked.  Even though the pump is under water, air can still stop it from operating.  How?  There is a small air vent built into the pump.  The only way to really check it is to remove the pump and thoroughly clean it.

The older Matala pumps have a small port on the side.  The newer Blue Sub 15's have an internal ball bearing arrangement up behind the impeller.

Lack of Maintenance can cause these issues.

● The Pump sometimes starts and other times doesn't

Check that the float switches are free and aren't stuck or catching on the side of the unit.

Note: Operation of both floats is up to start and down to stop



Regular maintenance - while the Gator Pro and Maxi 100 require very little maintenance, a little care and attention can prevent problems occurring.  Regularly taking the filters out and hosing them (every 4-6 months) should ensure your unit operates for many years trouble free.

When cleaning the filters - after you have removed the filters and want to pump out the residual in the bottom you can use the pump in the unit.  However you MUST disconnect the irrigation system at or near the unit.  You don't want to pump the residual into the irrigation system and block it.

Happy Water Saving