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90mm Gator Snap Tee

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Gator Snap Tee for 90mm Storm-water Pipes

The original Gator Snap Tee - Australian made and Australian owned
  • It's easy to fit to existing pipework, even if the pipe is full of water.

  • Has threaded outlet so capping is simple

  • Quickly add a Tee & Valve to flush out your pipework

  • Can be used as a repair coupling

  • This fitting solves the problem of digging a long trench to connect to buried pipes.

  • Just run your pipe and add the tees later

  • Centre is marked for hole saw

  • Easily add a first flush diverter

  • Easy access to blocked pipes 

  • Every plumber, landscaper and tradesman should have these in their kit!

  • Patent number 2010100709

    Ask for the Gator Tee by name

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  • For more information and installation photos visit Gator Snap Tee

  • Stocked at all good hardware stores and plumbing supplies.




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