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Auto Submersible Pump | Compact | BPS-200V

Sale price $340.00 Regular price $420.00

Semi Vortex Automatic Pump with compact Float System

Ideal for tight areas and smaller sumps - APP BPS-200V 

Will fit in a 225mm Diameter Pipe 

  • Residential de-watering and site drainage
  • Grey Water
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Oil filled motor
  • Storm water drainage applications
  •  1/4 HP, 200W
  • Discharge: 32mm or 1¼"
  • Maximum Head: 7 Metres
  • Maximum Capacity: 140 litres per minute
  • Extremely compact and reliable
  • Auto on-off float switch

 Built-in thermal protection prevents motor failure due to overloading, or accidental dry running

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