ProSub 6  | Claytec | Greywater Pump
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ProSub 6 | Claytec | Greywater Pump

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ProSub 6 Grey Water Submersible Pump

Can be used as a replacement pump for grey water systems such as the ECO BOWSER or Grey Mate 

  • Compact float for small pits & tight installations

  • Suitable for cellar drainage or Grey Water

  • Has manual override switch for clean-out function down to 2mm

  • Easy to service float switch

  • 6 Metres / 65 kpa maximum head

  • 120 litres/minute maximum flow

  • Ideal pressure and flow to operate Grey Water Irrigation System

  • 10M lead
  • 3 Years Warranty

  • This is a good replacement pump for your older Grey Water Unit 

  • Good quality Italian made compact pump that will handle many applications.


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